Hydrogen Peroxide (35%) New formula with potassium nitrate!

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Ideal for clients with moderate to heavy stains
Lifts 6-10 shades in one hour

 (Scroll down for how to use) 

*recommended to pair with remineralizing gel.

*recommended placement of barrier

*Please be advised that it is your responsibility to verify and comply with state regulations regarding the use of barrier. Different states have varying guidelines and restrictions, and it is essential that you consult and adhere to your local regulations. We are not liable for any non-compliance with these laws and regulations. Ensure you are informed about and follow the specific legal requirements applicable in your state.


35% can be used for 30min sessions for touch ups or clients that are nervous to do the full hour. Will lift up to 4 shades in 30mins. 6-10 shades in one hour 

Can be used 3 sessions -20min sessions, rinse between session. To equal one hour in one visit. 

QM way- 2 sessions -25min to 30mins (depending on staining, rinse between. Then placement of remineralizing gel. Remineralizing gel should be placed and tell clients no eating to drinking for 2 hours after. 

Remember isolation is key to results. Recommend the use of guaze for saliva.